Fishing barrel hook

Bass Fishing Jig – Barrel Head Jig Advantages vs. Football Jigs

Fishing barrel hookBarrel Head Jig is the most revolutionary jig in the industry today. Our innovative design will result in more landed fish for fisherman of all skill levels. Our jig design is so advanced we guarantee you will hook the fish in the roof of the mouth or we will refund your money! Our unique head design stands up in the mouth of the fish and does not roll over like traditional jigs resulting in more landed fish. The Barrel Head Jig has incredible life-like action as the jig falls naturally without spiraling (like football jigs) resulting in more strikes plus our jig is extremely weedless outperforming traditional football and round head jigs as a result of the unique wide head design. The jig slips through rocks with ease and does not roll over when pulled through brush, cables and other debris. Barrel Head Jigs are designed with extra large 5/0 Mustad® ULTRA-POINT™ Hooks and 54 strand life-like skirts with easy on-easy off rattle system. The Barrel Head Shakey Head models are designed with a heavy-duty built-in screw-loc for securing your favorite plastic bait and we offer a Heavy Weight design in two sizes for over-sized plastics when fishing deep ledges.

    • Dual Weed Guard to slip through heavy mat
    • Gamakatsu Hook with Self-Righting Jig Head Design
    • Wire Trailer Keeper, Dual Magnum Rattles
    • 100 percent Silicone Hubbed Skirt with Built-In Trailers
    • Fishing Lures Made in the USA

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