Bright Blue Line ID Identifies Braided Fishing Line

8 Fishing Line Identifiers for 10-80 Pound Braided Fishing Line. Toad Product’s innovative Fishing Line Identifiers easily attaches to the handle of your rods and is a quick and easy way to identify and remember what type of line and size you have spooled on your reel. Many anglers carry multiple rod/reel combinations in their rig for a variety of fishing applications. These applications require specific line type and line size and our Line Identifiers are a great tool to remind the angler what line is currently spooled. For most anglers it is nearly impossible to remember what size and type of line is spooled especially when using Monofilament and Fluorocarbon as they look exactly alike. And try remembering the size of line on your spool! The difference between 12lb and 15lbs test is hard to decipher with the naked eye and the right line size could make all the difference between catching and landing that trophy fish.


Plus our Fishing Line Identifiers can provide a simple way to manage your line allowing you to remember what line is old and fresh. This will allow you to replace line only when needed saving you $$. (tip; place band on butt of the rod for new line, older line place band up near the handle). Our Fishing Line Identifiers are a solution anglers have been searching for decades. Simple, durable and long lasting, our I.D. Bands are the solution to manage your fishing line.

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